Bird Baths

Garden bird baths can attract a range of wild birds into your garden. Browse our range of bird baths for your garden or patio, selected by our garden wildlife experts. We sell a range including ceramic bird baths, hanging bird baths, cast iron bird baths, stone bed baths and solar bird baths.


Wild Bird Seed

We sell high-quality wild bird seed. These include straight seeds such as sunflower hearts, niger seeds, peanuts, black sunflower seeds, wheat, barley and millet. We also sell wild bird seed mixes, finch seed mixes, sparrow mixes and seed mixes for ground feeding birds.







Our bird supplies store sells a wide range of wild bird supplies, including bird food, bird feeders, bird tables, bird baths and nest boxes. We stock all the leading manufacturers including the RSPB, Gardman, Chapelwood and Kingfisher.



We offer a wide range of bird tables that have been  selected by our garden wildlife experts. These bird tables not only provide food for birds, but they make an appealing addition to any garden. We sell wooden bird tables (all FSC timber) and squirrel proof bird tables.


We offer a range of bird boxes and nest boxes that will provide a safe and warm environment for your garden birds. From traditional wooden boxes to swallow and house martin nests. We also sell a range of wireless nest box camera kits.

Bird Suets

Bird suets come in a range of sizes, shapes and types. We sell a wide range including suet fat balls, suet blocks, suet coconut shells, suet logs, suet peanut butter, suet pellets and wild bird suet cakes.


Bird Feeders

We offer a range of quality bird feeders including bird seed and bird food feeders, peanut bird feeders, suet nibble feeders and suet feeders for suet balls. We also offer squirrel proof feeders (squirrel resistant feeders) to protect the bird food from persistent squirrels!



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